Brian C Houston

30 April 2018

We are encouraged in 1 Timothy to “fight the good fight of faith.” Have you ever wondered what this means for your life? For there to be a fight an adversary must exist, and faith’s combating opponent is fear. When faced with uncertainty, disappointment or confusion we have the option to engage in either the fight of faith or the fight of fear. You see, both fear and faith meet on the same battleground, and my prayer is that when you are faced with the choice of which to undertake, that you will choose to fight the good fight of faith.

We are not meant to live in fear, yet many go day-to-day riddled with torment and dismay because of trials and hardships. In John 16, Jesus tells us that in this life we will face tribulations are and troubles, but then encourages us to take heart for He has overcome the world. God’s grace empowers us to be victorious over fear! Instead of being disrupted by fear, we can respond to tests and trails with faith and hope in God.

The breeding ground for fear to fester is right in the middle of disappointment and uncertainty. Have you ever questioned your future with “what if’s” and doubts? Are there circumstances you are currently facing with deep anguish? Though fear may be a natural reaction, you don’t have to let fear win over you.

So, what should you do if you find yourself struck with fear in the middle of adverse circumstances? How can you fight fear?

First, remember that God is working in your life, equipping you with everything you need to be victorious. If you go through a trial doubting what God can do, you will be open to fear’s attack. But when you have resolved—no matter what—that God is faithful and He is with you, the response to your problems will be one of trust and faith rather than hopelessness and doubt. Trials can be turned around for good in our lives because of what God can produce in us. Facing trouble is not entirely about what is happening to us; it is about what God is able to do within us.

Another way to overcome fear is to locate the source of the where it began. Scripture is clear that there is no fear in love, and perfect love casts out all fear (1 John 4:18). Fear is a tormenting emotion that can paralyse and cause a person to stagnate in life. This is the opposite of how God has intended you to function and live – He desires you to experience and live a large, spacious and fruitful life. A life full of His goodness and full of His promise. God is on your side, He is always with you and turning for good that which the enemy had planned to use as evil against you.  You may face challenge and opposition, but my prayer is that you will understand that overcoming fear is less about what we face and all about what we embrace – fear is washed away as we embrace and turn our eyes to the certainty of God’s perfect love.

You can also fight fear by not to relying on your own power to sustain you during a trial or difficult season. It is God’s grace that gives you the capability to overcome, be victorious and live for Him. If we rely on ourselves and our own capabilities, we will become more aware of our inadequacy rather than God’s power. When confronted with the possibility of falling into fear, I encourage you to stand firm in who you are in Christ, and to remind yourself of the victory made available to you in Christ.

It is reassuring to know that though seasons of trials are frustrating, they are not wasted. God works purposefully during every season of your life, and it takes faith in Him to believe that something good and strong is being produced through a night season. We do not have to live our lives cooperating with fear – instead, we can fight the good fight of faith. Don’t give in to fear. Find strength in God’s joy, He loves you, He is for you, and He is with you, pulling you onward into His divine plans and purposes.