Brian C Houston

23 December 2015

Part 1: A Big Life
Day 4
Message: A Pioneering Spirit

Oh! Teach us to live wisely and well...
Psalm 90:12 (Message)

When we think of the word pioneer today, we might immediately think of Amelia Earhart, Capt. James Cook, Christopher Columbus, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, and countless others who have changed the course of history with their courageous and curious spirit. They dedicated their lives to discovery and progress.

Jesus was the ultimate pioneer. When he died for our sins and rose from the dead, he did what no one had ever done before, or since.

Pioneering takes courage, ingenuity and a sense of adventure. With a pioneer spirit must come willingness to fail and falter, but with an unwavering belief in the long-term future vision. Pioneering doesn’t come without opposition, but the wide-open, spacious life we are seeking will undoubtedly require us to take some risks, step out of what is known, and count the cost of present comfort versus future reward. I believe it is God’s will that we all have a pioneering spirit!

We still have so many people to touch with God’s love in our lives today. Whether it’s someone you know a few doors down who dresses differently and practices another faith, or the homeless teen asking for change on the corner, ‘outsiders’ are ever present. We may have mapped our planet many times over, but there are still new territories of faith to explore, entire nations that are yet to be touched with the light and love of Christ.

If you want to follow Jesus, to walk with him closely and experience the power of his love, then you must be a pioneer, a passionate leader in the exploration of the uncharted wilderness of your spacious life. You may not think of yourself as a leader, let alone a pioneer based on the way our world and culture defines them. But if you follow Jesus, then you are a pioneering leader. You may not recognize the authority and resources you’ve been given, others may not recognize your leadership, but if you have the Holy Spirit living in you, then God has anointed you to lead.

What is in your hand today that requires the spirit of a pioneer? No matter at what point you are in life, it’s never too late. Nothing is impossible for the One who has called you and promises to do the journey with you.

Start today - It’s time to look at life with the spirit of a pioneer.

Prayer: Lord, I want to follow You with the spirit of a pioneer. Grant me the courage to venture into those places You’ve called me to go and the wisdom to recognise them.

Isaiah 50:7, Romans 15:17-21 (The Message)

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