Pastor Brian Houston

Senior Pastor of Hillsong Church

Troubling the Troubler

24th July 2016

Pastor Brian's New Book

Live Love Lead

Did you know that your life has a unique roadmap, a purpose all its own, distinct and matchless to any other individual on planet earth? And that this path is ready for you to conquer – regardless of how far you are on life’s journey, how many mistakes you feel you’ve made, or roadblocks you have come up against. We are all born with God-given potential to leave our own imprint on the world around us.

When Brian Houston – Global Founder and Senior Pastor of Hillsong Church – set out to pioneer with 40 people and a school hall, he was unsure of the highs and lows, sacrifices and disappointments that would mark the 32-year journey of miraculous opportunities and dreams come true.

Live, Love, Lead is his story, woven in to the greatest story ever told, with room for chapters all your own to be written and re-written. This book is a declaration to your future, a reminder that belief, passion and calling can give way to a full and abundant life, despite any mysteries, setbacks or mountains that get in the way.

When it comes to life with Jesus, there is no doubt – your best is yet to come!

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For more than 40 years, Pastor Brian Houston has endeavoured to preach to people’s ‘Monday’s’ and not just their Sundays. Meaning, his life and leadership is all about empowering people to fulfill their unique purpose and calling – taking the principles that they learn in church and enabling them to outwork these practical lessons in their home, workplace and relationships.

Many have described him as leading the charge in generational leadership, creating a diverse and accessible intersection of church and culture. He is a sought after teacher and speaker and is regarded as one of the foremost voices on leadership and the local church.

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